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RPO Testing Instruments Co., Ltd was founded in 1994, the company currently employs more than 50 people including more than the nearly 20-year career of Assembly technicians and skilled top software developers in the industry. Is a professional manufacturer of testing equipment, research and development production and sales for the next four and one. Specializing in the production of various types of testing machines and related instrumentation.

Relying on the test machine, mature, Guangdong production environment, and advanced technology. Since the company was founded, in order to better meet the needs of markets and customers, an endless stream of new products. Independent research and production of tensile testing machines, streamlining the test process using intelligent control software, make it easy for customers to use more easily. Company's wide range of services to scientific research institutes and tertiary institutions which iron and steel metallurgy, construction materials, railway, highway transportation, rubber and plastics, wire and cable, fire-fighting facilities and other industries. Annual quality inspection units, research institutions to provide online testing and scientific research equipment more than 1000 sets, provides testing equipment has been serving thousands of customers.

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RPO Testing Instruments Co., Ltd